Recording a funeral should be hassle free.
Provide a new standard. See the difference.

We help funeral homes put their memorial content online so they can have a stronger web presence, and have more time to focus on the people they serve.
Whether you're a large funeral home or the only one around, adding a webcasting platform has never been easier.


We help funeral homes streamline their content creation so they can focus on what’s most important.


Upload your video or memorial folder to our portal system, trim it down, and add it to your obituary page. Or you can send a secure link to the family with their own username and password if they prefer the privacy.

We Work With:

We equip funeral directors and their staff with the simplest way to manage, host, and distribute their memorial content.

Our Team

Shane White

Shane(Founder) is a full stack developer from small-town ND. Shane loves C# and wrote the majority of the code for the Midwest Streams platform. In his spare time you can find Shane flying airplanes, or jamming on the guitar.

Kyle Fogarty

Kyle(Co-Founder) started working in film and television at 20 and made the plunge to entrepreneurship in 2012. He absolutely loves meeting and connecting with new people. On any given Saturday you can find him playing music with his band or jogging the streets of Fargo.