Simple Funeral Webcasting

Easily embed webcasts on your obituary pages in under five minutes.


Record your service and use Midwest Streams to add the video to your obituary page. Real time analytics allow you to see who is watching. Password protect the service with one click.

PDF Publisher

Upload your memorial folder as a PDF and use our provided code to display it on your obituary pages. Use the Facebook button for an easy, elegant announcement on social media.


We send you everything you need to record your service. A video camera, tripod, and SD card. We also provide print material with tips for presenting your digital service to your families.

We’ve Connected

Families to Services This Week

How it Works

1. Receive Your Equipment

We send you everything you need to webcast a service. Or if you already have some equipment, our team will do what it can to work with what you already have.

2. Record Your First Service

Set up your mobile device or video camera at your chapel, the church, or committal service and hit record.

3. Upload Your Video

Login to Midwest Streams, upload your video, and use the provided code to share it right from your obituary page.

You already create valuable memories. Use Midwest Streams to help you share them.

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